Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My Intro.

so i have tried to have journals since i was a child... but i never could finish a whole book. i don't really know how to do a blog so i hope this is interesting. hopefully i get enjoyment out of this and i learn more about myself by expressing my personal thoughts, opinions and views to everyone. thanks for reading this, if you are reading this!! loll because you could be anywhere in the world right now... but your in my world and i appreciate that =] OK to start with my name is Logan Brianna ford. pretty original... huh??! i was born in Texas and raised in ATLANTA, GA (the love of my life!!) but Ive also lived in California, and Maryland. i have one younger brother named Cameron. i still live at home with my parents my lovely mother Erika and my step father Cliff. i have a pretty privileged life to be 20 years old, o yea i turn 21 on April 26th so this is something i wanted to start before i became an official adult!! loll i have a lot of growing up to do as well as a lot of dreams to be accomplished so hopefully my progress will show on the blogs =]

i am a college student in school for fashion design and marketing. as of right now i am attempting to get an online boutique started and within the next 3 years or by the time i graduate have an actual location. OK i hope I'm not boring anyone. i really don't mean to and I've never done a blog so i don't know what exactly to say or if there is a certain style format to write??!!
... See I'm completely out of my element but i will definitely rise to the occasion and make this a new home for me. OK I'm about to look around this site so i will be back later.

smooches and deuces

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